Why Creating a Dedicated Website for an Event is Such a Good Idea

  • January 10, 2018
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Should your event have its own website? The definitive answer is yes. Branded online presence is ideal for promoting the event, getting people to RSVP and sending them updates. It can also enhance fundraising efforts.

Every event management company representative in Singapore will tell you that building a dedicated website is a good idea when it comes to adding gravity to the occasion. Website development today has become easier than ever and you can invest a small budget in making it happen. The scope of benefits is way too big to be underestimated.

Information Centralisation

The promotional benefits of a dedicated event website are easy to understand and they don’t really need to be discussed any further.

Event management professionals, however, know and understand the importance of information centralisation.

Attendees need to receive a lot of data that will be important for making the most of the event. The registration specifics, fees, schedule, venue map, dates, types of activities, biographies of speakers, etc. will all matter. Having to send this information individually or print it out could potentially result in chaos.

A dedicated website will feature all of the important data. What’s even more important – the website can be updated quickly if any change occurs. Attendees can consult this information when appropriate and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting the specifics across.

Multimedia information (speaker business cards, a venue walkthrough) can also be provided via a website. Visual data is often much more exciting and appealing than plain text. The centralised information portal will give potential visitors a good idea about what to expect.

A Website Allows for Booking or Effective Fundraising

Websites don’t serve solely an informative purpose in this day and age, we have evolved quite a bit technologically in the events space that a dedicated event website is now part of the whole interactive experience.

Some event websites allow for the digital booking of lodging or the payment of fees for participation in a seminar or a workshop. Many people already prefer such payment methods because of their convenience. In addition, the website could feature special discounts and early bird promotions, encouraging people to register early enough.

A website is also perfect as far as fund raising goes. It frees attendees from the responsibility of having to bring funds to a gala or a corporate evening itself. There could once again be perks to encourage people to donate. The more these are advertised and the more user-friendly the functionality is, the better effect would fund raising efforts have.

Finally, the corporate website could be used to ensure the remote participation of attendees who simply can’t be physically present at the venue.

Live streaming will allow many people to experience an event in Singapore, regardless of their location. True, a live stream of the event can be broadcast via social media like Facebook and YouTube. Live streaming via an event website, however, is all about branding. It creates a comprehensive digital experience in a single place. There’s no need to log in, search for the live stream or register for a social media profile (yes, there are people who still don’t use Facebook or Periscope). All of these “remote” attendees deserve the chance to watch the event live and even participate in it by asking questions.

Enhanced Sponsorships

Any company that offers sponsorship packages knows that it should give something attractive enough to bring partners in.

A dedicated event website could be an excellent tool for the attraction of event sponsors.

The website allows for the logos of sponsoring companies to appear on all digital materials related to the event. Detailed presentations and even corporate multimedia could be used to maximise sponsor exposure. Obviously, the appearance of branded messages on the website would come on top of other advertising options that the sponsors would be entitled to.

The more detailed and popular an event website is, the higher the value of the sponsor promotional opportunity is going to be. Companies understand the benefits of online exposure and the eventual search engine optimisation benefits it can bring to the table. The appeal of having logos and links listed somewhere on the organiser’s website isn’t the same as the prominent display that will be available via a dedicated event site.

Time and Resource Saving

The final benefit you’ll get through the development of a website dedicated to your corporate event is the optimization of resources.

Online registration and the payment of fees will make it possible for the organiser to reduce the number of personnel who will have to be present during the first day.

Even when registration forms are obtained in advance, data entry could take up a lot of time. There could be forms missing vital information and others that will be impossible to read. The individuals responsible for such data processing will end up spending a lot of time on making sense of the forms. A web-based approach will eliminate all of these complications.

The security of payment processing will be enhanced and attendees will be getting convenience. In essence, website registrations and payments improve the efficiency of the event. Not only will the website allow for the saving of time and resources, it will also be ideal for building the reputation of the organiser.

In order to ensure all of these benefits, you need a fully-functional and bug-free website. The event management services Singapore provider you’ve chosen can help you come in touch with web developers that will do a good job without making project execution expensive. The right team will produce a customised website that addresses all the specific needs of the client and that allows for multiple web-based functionalities.

When a website is created professionally, it will look and feel coherent (as far as corporate branding is concerned). It will look good when viewed via a mobile device because more and more people are relying on smartphones or tablets to access pages.

Don’t underestimate the power of digital in the contemporary world. Serious event companies that have a lot of experience can help you understand the perks, the key features and the essentials of building your online presence. The benefits of spreading the news in the online realm will be countless.

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