What’s a Hybrid Event and How to Make Yours a Success

  • November 29, 2017
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The nature of events and conferences has changed over time. Such occurrences aren’t what they used to be 10 or 15 years ago. Multimedia, digitalisation and other innovative technologies have played an important role in event planning and organisation.

Event management companies in Singapore are getting to work on hybrid events more often than ever before. A hybrid event, as the name suggests, has two components. It brings together traditional events and innovative elements for the ultimate visitor experience.

If you’re planning a corporate or another special event and you’re wondering whether the hybrid format is the right one for you, chances are that you’ll find a lot of useful information in this guide. Let’s get started with a quick definition of hybrid events, followed by tips for the execution of a successful one.

What is a Hybrid Event?

Nefful Awards 2014 Awards Ceremony and Fashion Show Stage Setup

As experienced event management services Singapore providers, we’ve planned multiple hybrid events through the years. A hybrid event is a show, conference or seminar that brings together an actual experience at an event venue in combination with a virtual element.

The virtual element is usually live streaming or remote participation for people who can’t attend the event itself.

The format is applicable in a wide array of settings. Formal, information, educational and entertainment events can all benefit from the possibility because it allows a bigger number of individuals to “attend” in one way or another.

Apart from allowing for the participation of people who are located far away, a hybrid event could also have a multimedia presentation or a guest speaker who cannot attend in person. The opportunities are limitless. They increase the possible scope of activities and topics to be discussed. They also make it easier to guarantee the security of guests who cannot attend in person due to one reason or another.

A hybrid event comes with a number of organisational challenges that will need to be addressed by the Singapore planning team. Because actual venue planning and a technological component have to work alongside each other, chances are that something will go wrong. Thus, a few specific rules have to be followed to ensure the success of a hybrid conference.

You have to do Separate Planning for Venue and Virtual Attendees

There will be specific concerns pertaining to the manner in which people will be attending the event. Event management company professionals will tell you that strategizing for venue visitors is one thing and planning for virtual attendees is completely different.

A web streaming portal should be chosen and tested in advance. The same applies to internet connectivity and the technology that will be used at the event venue to give virtual participants a wholesome experience.

If a virtual speaker is attending, a rehearsal will need to be scheduled in advance. Once again – both the venue attendees and the virtual visitors should have clear view, an audible and well-crafted presentation to enjoy.

Speakers and participants should also be informed about the technology that’s going to be used. On occasions, people will not be familiar with the software tools and the hardware required. It’s the event organizer’s responsibility to make sure that all guests feel comfortable.

How Will Virtual Attendees Interact with the Physical Audience?

Event management Singapore professionals will next need to determine how the virtual audience is going to interact with the venue visitors.

Interactions between all guests are one of the most important defining characteristics of a hybrid event. Otherwise, people will simply be watching a live stream without feeling included in everything that’s going on at the venue.

A virtual/live discussion can be scheduled but there will need to be a moderator. There will also be the need for the selection of a virtual conference room. Remote attendees will get to ask their questions there and it will be the moderator’s job to make sure that both audiences are on the same page as far as participation is concerned.

While a conference room is a great idea, it will be even better if multiple interaction channels are envisioned. A few of the possible alternatives include live streaming via a social media platform, a dedicated hashtag, email question submissions and even live chat.

Make Sure All Entertainment and Educational Options Translate Well Online

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A hybrid event will be seen by two types of audiences. Unfortunately, some entertainment or educational options that will be impressive in person are not going to translate that well to an online environment.

A presentation that takes place in a dark room, for example, may not be particularly impressive when streamed online. Light effects or loud noises could also ruin the experience for the virtual attendees. That’s why rehearsals are so important – something that appears to be great in theory may not necessarily translate well in a real-life experience.

If a certain component is essential and it has to occur no matter what, you may want to plan for additional multimedia or materials to be provided to the online crowd. This way, people will get to experience the full range of entertainment or educational opportunities without feeling left out.

Partner with the Right Hybrid Event Team

Technology is very important but the know-how of event management Singapore professionals is even more crucial.

To turn your next conference or meetup in a massive success, you will have to go for a Singapore event company that has extensive experience in hybrid event planning. Such professionals should be knowledgeable about technologies, interactions and entertainment options for two types of attendees.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and meet multiple event management professionals before making up your mind. Let them know about the nature and the size of the event you’re planning. Based on this information, experts in the field should be capable of giving you adequate suggestions that will turn a hybrid event into a huge success.

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A solid team should also involve tech professionals who will ensure connectivity, impeccable streaming and a fast response in the case of an emergency. You will need a customisable solution based on the size of the audience, the nature of the event and the types of online activities that the remote attendees will be engaging in.

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