The Seven Most Important Event Security Tips to Follow

  • November 21, 2017
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Event management puts emphasis on a number of important processes. We believe that the security of attendees is one of the most important issues to consider in advance.

Security will be determining for the reputation of the host but the implications go beyond that. Unfortunately, event security planning is often left to the last minute – an issue that yields rather unsatisfactory results.

Event security management puts emphasis on a couple of important factors. It focuses on preparedness for all kinds of scenarios. Based on our professional experience, we have identified the following essentials that can guarantee the safety of guests and the successful organisation of the event.

Preliminary Assessment

Event Security Tip 1 - Preliminary Assessment

Event management is all about preliminary assessment and planning. Security considerations are far from an exception.

Security is based on several key specifics – contingency planning, the specifics of the venue, crowd management and ensuring access solely to authorised individuals.

A preliminary assessment of the event and the potential risks to expect will be the key in figuring out how many guards will have to be hired and whether looking for a solution like digital/electronic check-ins is a good idea.

Screening of event staff is another aspect of paramount importance. As professionals with extensive experience in event management services in Singapore, we believe that security professionals should screen all vendors, third-party suppliers and their employees who will be attending.


Depending on the specifics of the event, real-time surveillance could be advisable for the purpose of preventing emergencies. While the use of surveillance equipment isn’t recommended every single time, such an investment makes sense for certain types of events.

Even if many guards are hired, it will be difficult to track every single person attending. This is why event management professionals suggest the installation of CCTV cameras for more effective monitoring.

A new surveillance opportunity has also presented itself in the form of drones. Drones provide ideal opportunities for outdoor events, especially public gatherings that see many attendees. An added benefit of drone use is the potential for creating footage or aerial photographs. These can be used later on for the purpose of event marketing.

Event Security Tip 2 - Surveillance

The Importance of Choosing the Right Venue

Event Security Tip 3 - Venue Selection

As far as event management security is concerned in Singapore, we believe that the selection of the right venue can play a huge role.

The selection of the venue should occur in conjunction with the event management planning process. Event management and security professionals know what it takes to make the best use of a certain location and what resources will be required for the purpose.

An event venue has to be convenient and easy to evacuate in the case of an emergency. It should also simplify the process of entry control, unless the event is public and open to everyone.

Some event venues have their own trained security professionals. This expense is included in the overall cost of renting the place. Thus, let your event manager know whether you’d like to benefit from such a comprehensive service instead of going through security company screening.

Venues could also be equipped with security cameras and access control technology. If such characteristics are of importance, make sure that the criteria are well-known before the selection process starts.

Determine Whether Medical Support Will be Needed

Emergency event planning should also focus on eventual medical contingencies.

Certain events necessitate the presence of a medical team that will be capable of responding rapidly in the case of health issues. Medical teams are quite important during public events and outdoor happenings.

An emergency medical crew is an absolute essential for large capacity events. Depending on the season and the specifics, there could be a risk of heat strokes, food poisoning, allergies or even heart attacks. As experienced event management Singapore professionals, we can give you a pretty good idea about the need to have a medical crew on standby.

Visit the Venue in Advance

This is very similar to a wedding rehearsal dinner – to make sure that everything is going to go according to plan, you have to visit the venue in advance and acquaint yourself with its characteristics. Preferably, the visit should occur after you’ve hired the security team.

Experienced security professionals need to know what they will be dealing with in advance.

At the venue, security teams will do a risk assessment and they will make some strategic decisions. Do a walkthrough that can be used to make security strategy adjustments. In the end, you will know what a viable security budget is and how many professionals you’ll have to hire.

Educate All Staff Members about the Importance of Safety

It’s our philosophy that all professionals who service customers during events have to act as a team for the best possible results.

Have a gathering of the entire team in the days before the event itself takes place. Everyone who will be present should be aware of security protocols to follow. This includes presenters, DJs and bartenders, as well as entertainers, promoters, servers and everyone else.

The security company you have hired will teach staff members about the most important and basic safety techniques. Everyone should be aware of emergency exits, how to contact security pros upon necessity and what to do to guarantee the wellbeing of guests.

Event Security Tip 6 - Educate Staff

Event Security Requires Ongoing Efforts

The final thing to remember is that event security is an ongoing process that lasts until the final guest leaves the venue.

Even if you have done thorough preliminary planning with your event management and security crews, there’s still some risk of unexpected events. You should always have a backup plan and you should ensure constant monitoring (even when everything seems to be going flawlessly).

Security failures can occur because all risks will be difficult to identify. In such instances, it would be important to act swiftly and adopt an all-hazards approach. Constant reviews and improvement based on monitoring and active engagement in the event will typically deliver the best results.

Do not hesitate to share your security concerns with the Singapore event management team you’ve chosen, even if such concerns appear to be trivial. Addressing such issues in advance can save you from serious issues, financial losses and reputation blows in the future. Being over-prepared is certainly a much smarter strategy than improvising in the heat of the moment because of poor contingency planning.

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