The 6 Most Common Guests You’ll Meet At An Event

  • August 29, 2019
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Anyone in event management knows that while you can plan out every aspect of an event from the food to the activities, the one thing you can’t always account for is the kind of people who attend.  While people come in all different types, there are usually well-known categories that guests fall into.  Here are the six most common guests you’re likely to meet at an event:

The Life Of The Party

Everyone knows this person. The life of the party is always working the room, rocking out on the dance floor, and maybe having a little bit too much to drink.  They can be a great addition to any event, provided they know their limits.  The life of the party will infuse your gathering with enthusiasm and energy, and is an essential part of any successful event.

The Shy Guy/Girl

The opposite of the life of the party is the shy guy or girl.  This guest usually comes on their own, shows up out of obligation and often finds it difficult to interact with other guests.  They may need to be nudged to participate, and reaching out to them can help them come out of their shells a little more.

The Plus One

Usually dragged along to the event, the plus one often doesn’t know what the event is for.  They can be spouses, dates, or friends, and you can spot them by their confusion on where anything is.  Many event management companies in Singapore hold special activities just for plus ones, helping them bond with other plus ones.

The Competitor

The competitor is always focused on the action, often ignoring the fun of the party to focus solely on the purpose of the event.  Nothing gets in their way, and if they’re at an auction, they’re constantly checking their bids to stay on top of things.

The Rule Follower

The rule follower can be the ideal guest, showing up and leaving at exactly the right time.  They’ll do everything they’re told, eat when they’re supposed to, sit where they’ve been placed, and they always come prepared.

The Complainer

The complainer is not always the favorite, as nothing is ever to their liking.  Whether the food is too cold, the music’s too loud, or their seat isn’t right, the complainer will always complain.  Having a complainer at your event is necessary, however, to help identify problems that can be improved and keep you on your toes.

All of these guests play a vital role in any successful event, as anyone working in event management in Singapore knows.  The key is to know how to manage each of these guests for a successful event.

No matter what your mix of guests is, an event management company can help you to navigate your event with ease.  Whether it’s dealing with the complainer or nudging the shy guy to come out of his shell a little bit, event management can handle it.

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