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  • December 6, 2017
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Event planning comes with many components. On top of the standard logistical considerations, a few creative issues will also need to be tackled. Coming up with the perfect tagline for the event is one of the essentials.

Successful event management in Singapore should focus on creating some buzz about an upcoming event. A good tagline will be required for the creation of marketing materials and for carrying out an advertising campaign. Taking a look at successful event tag lines and knowing the rules for the creation of one will both be essential when it comes to doing a good job.

Examples of Outstanding Event Slogans and Tag lines

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What are the components of an ideal event tagline? You may want to talk to your event management services Singapore provider. Event company reps know what it takes to make a tagline relevant and outstanding.

One of the easiest ways to get inspiration involves doing some research.

There are dozens of amazing event taglines out there. While copying them is obviously not an option, you can see how others are approaching the issue. The research will also help you unleash your creative potential during a subsequent brainstorming session.

Successful taglines are usually catchy, clever and (optionally) filled with humour. Needless to say, they have to be chosen to correspond to the nature of the event.

Here are a few examples of wonderful event taglines and a brief explanation of why each one works:

  • A celebration of success: the slogan puts emphasis on two aspects of the event – it’s a celebratory gathering and it was organised to commemorate a particular success. The slogan comes with positive connotations that highlight the triumph of a brand or an individual.
  • Beyond all limits: such a tagline is open to interpretation. Beyond All Limits is a tagline that’s great for a hybrid event because it puts emphasis on new technologies and overcoming physical barriers. What’s even better about the tagline is that it can be suitable for many alternative occasions. It could also be suggestive of somebody’s great success that was accomplished after overcoming limitations.
  • It starts with us: an excellent slogan for a branding campaign. It can be used for the introduction of a new brand on the market or for the presentation of a certain innovation.
  • Leading the pack: this slogan lets you know immediately what the event is all about. A leadership conference has to be presented in a concise, powerful and unambiguous way.
  • Share the vision: this is yet another tagline that’s open to interpretation and that can be applied to a wide array of corporate events.
  • Ideas worth spreading: this is a highly recognised slogan because all of the TED talks are carried out under the tagline. If you know what TED talks are, you already have a pretty good idea how the tagline applies to the event. TED talks feature speakers who share inspirational stories, innovative ideas and their experiences with a diversified audience.
  • New world. New management: a slogan under which the World Business Forum takes place. There’s really no need to explain the concept any further.

The Rules for Putting a Great Event Tagline Together

Event management Singapore professionals rely on a few basic, yet effective rules when trying to come up with the ideal slogan.

The first and the most important thing to remember is that relevance comes before originality. The tagline should speak about the nature of the event that people are about to attend. A tagline like #1 European Internet Event (Le Web slogan), for example, gives the potential audience an immediate idea about the nature of the conference.

Stick to the industry and the terminology that applies. Once you grasp the relevance component, you can move on to other considerations.

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Here are a few additional rules to follow for the selection of the ideal event tagline:

  • Keep it short: the most brilliant slogans out there consist of a few words. They’re straightforward and they don’t attempt to be overly complicated or pretentious. Obviously, the specifics of the audience will be determining when it comes to determining how abstract a tagline is going to be. The shorter and simpler you keep it, however, the better.
  • A tagline should come with a promise: most of the tagline examples already mentioned give the potential attendee a promise of what’s to come. Good taglines provide a glimpse into the event and what it entails. People don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to commercial messages. Thus, slogans have to hook the potential audience right from the start.
  • A tagline should focus on the uniqueness of the event: when doing a brainstorming session, think about the characteristics that make the particular event different from everything else that Singapore has to offer. Highlight a unique characteristic, something that people will not be capable of experiencing anywhere else.
  • Avoid the clichés: clichés are comfortable, they come easily to mind and they allow for speed in the decision-making process. Clichés, however, come with a serious problem – they’re boring. Stay away from the industry clichés. Otherwise, your marketing materials will be seen as mediocre at best.

It’s impossible to do an awful lot with a single slogan. It can’t tell the world who you are, why you’re competent and what the full nature of your offering is. Rather, it should tease the crowd into learning more about the upcoming event. Such short messages are a lot more challenging to produce that a thorough description. This is one of the main reasons why you should consider interacting with professionals in the field.

Even if you have your own ideas, you should still consult your Singapore event management company. These professionals will offer unbiased feedback about the suitability of the respective tagline and whether it can result in high quality advertising materials. Because you are in the industry, it may be difficult to determine whether you’ve used too much jargon or if the clever use of words will remain misunderstood. Someone who specialised in the field of event planning will offer relevant feedback and some great possibilities for tagline improvement that you probably haven’t thought of on your own.

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