How an Event Strategy can Increase Brand Awareness

  • March 28, 2018
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Growing brand awareness is a major goal that every business tries to accomplish. According to a Time report, 77 per cent of consumers make purchases on the basis of brand name. Almost 82 per cent of investors are guided by brand name in their investment decisions, Reuters reports.

As the importance of the brand is growing, the number of challenges when it comes to maximising reach is also increasing. More and more companies are competing for the attention of a limited audience pool. This means that old-school branding strategies aren’t as effective as they used to be.

Using events to increase brand awareness is great because of the relevance and the lasting impression that will be left on attendees. To make the most of this opportunity, however, you need to have a comprehensive event strategy. Working with the right Singapore event company is the first step. Next, you can do a number of important things in order to utilise an upcoming event to channel the right brand features.

Think about Reach during Event Planning

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Generating a lot of buzz is an important part of maximising your reach and enabling a bigger targeted audience to gain awareness about the brand.

This is why you need to have a comprehensive reach strategy as a part of promoting the event. There are many things you can do and social media enable you to get optimal results without spending a massive budget. Some of the top ways to promote the event and reach the right people include the following:

  • Create your own hashtag: it should be relevant and it should speak of the characteristics that you want to make a part of your brand identity. Having the right content to promote the hashtag with or launching a campaign among your clients/potential event participants increases the likelihood of your hashtag gaining traction on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.
  • Content marketing: event management services Singapore providers know just how important content is for the promotion of your event. Content can come in many forms – video clips, image galleries, articles, lists, whitepapers and even ebooks. Just choose the format that makes the most sense on the basis of your specialties and the theme of the upcoming event. Content enables you to position yourself as the authority in a specific field. It can be useful, informative or entertaining. Giving your audience something valuable is one of the best ways to build a relationship today. People are no longer interested in straightforward outbound advertising. What they’re looking forward to is getting something beneficial out of the interaction.
  • Work with influencers: spreading the reach of your brand is possible when you get in touch with someone who already has a well-established audience. Invite top industry influencers to participate in your upcoming event. These individuals will add value to the programme and they’ll also assist your branding efforts. Having a top influencer mentioning the upcoming event to their audience can do miracles for increasing your reach and introducing the brand to a brand new group of prospects.

Focus on Enabling More People to Attend

Good event strategies make it possible for a big number of people to attend. Thus, your event management company should be willing to use new technology for the purpose of exposing more participants to your message.

Hybrid events are an excellent option. They feature regular attendance and a digital component like live streaming, for example.

Organising a hybrid event or a 100 per cent online workshop/seminar/lecture will enable you to harness the power of modern technology. The first massive benefit is that you will enable a big number of people to attend, even if they’re hindered from coming to the physical venue. The second advantage is that you’ll be establishing a modern and innovative image for your brand.

Utilising live streaming technology and organising a virtual event is easier than ever before. You will need the right software, a few quality cameras and a strong internet connection. The investment in technology is minimal in comparison to the positive branding impact you’re going to get as a result.

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Event Strategy = Brand Strategy

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One very important thing you need to understand is that your branding strategy will have an effect on your event strategy and vice versa.

An event strategy doesn’t focus on solely planning. It’s not about choosing the right venue, inviting guests and making sure that everything happens according to plan.

The entire event is based on the values and strengths of your brand. Everything from the decorations to the selection of the right lecturers is impacted by who you are and what your business is trying to tell the world.

The theme of the event should tie into the overall brand concept you’re attempting to enforce. Thus, the right event management professionals will need to acquaint themselves with the nature and the history of your brand in order to ensure consistency and a setup that’s 100 per cent in line with the image you are attempting to present in front of your target audience.

And this is just the beginning. Event management is also about maximum engagement and getting people to interact with the brand during the event itself. For the purpose, you need to have a strong awareness of what you’re trying to offer and what your potential customer is looking for.

If you communicate all of this information effectively to the event management team and these professionals have enough experience, the outcome will be highly beneficial when it comes to shaping up the right reputation for the brand.

A successful event strategy is grounded deeply in a brand. It tells a story, it picks a relevant theme and it also understands the needs of the potential attendees. Consumer behaviour and preferences are guiding for just about every initiative launched by a brand. Event planning is far from an exception. Brand owners who ignore their customers and the values these people are looking for run the risk of a massive failure. The preliminary steps matter and so does the expertise of the event management team. If you spend enough time on strategisng and putting the brand in the centre of all efforts, the outcome will be consistent and in line with what prospects are looking for.

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